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Unlock The Closed Door Hypnosis Files and Discover The True Secrets to Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Power!

free hypnosis mp3 This is my Best Deal Ever... 17+ CDs/MP3 Files, Books, Manuals & Other Cool Stuff for an amazing price and value...

"If You've Ever Had The Desire to Control Yourself & Others, Then This Is Exactly What You're Seeking"



WARNING....These Jealously Guarded Files Contain Concepts, Methods & Tactics Used By Master Hypnotists.....They Will Work For You"! 


f you could discover the most jelously guarded secrets that master hypnotists use, would you want to know them?

Of course you would......

Since I published my  The Closed Door Hypnosis Files course several years ago, I thought I would create something that would contain a step by step process to get you to Hypnotize with power....

The result is Ultimate Hypnotic Influence..... 

These two curriculums combined create what I call....


"The Closed Door Hypnosis Files"

Dear Friend,

Today could be your lucky day...

Here's why:

Finally, a total system that allows you to learn these highly secretive methods, quickly and effortlessly....

When I created The Closed Door Hypnosis Files, I knew I was on to something. When I finished up my next course, Ultimate Hypnotic Influence, I felt like I had closed the loop...Now with an added component that I recently uncoverd, these courses become....

It's Your Time To Become a Controller

I am not going to bore you with all the details abou The Closed Door Hypnosis Files and Ultimate Hypnotic Influence, but the fact is, these two courses will allow you to super charge your hypnosis skills like never before.

What I am going to tell you, is that you can buy either one of those programs from our website...The only thing is, you'll pay the standard price that everyone pays.

Here's the deal: I combined both of these courses with some new material to create what I am now calling, The Closed Door Hypnosis Files...

The good news, is now you can get both products at an even better price, plus take advantage of some awesome bonuses...

Over the years, I have continued my training in the arts....When I say arts, I mean the Mind Force Arts... Many are called but few are chosen...

I have been fortunate to have been one of those that was invited to train, learn and then provide this information to others... Mind Force consists of Hypnotic Influence, Attraction, Meditation, Psychic Energy and other estoeric skill sets...

So What Exactly Are The Closed Door Files?

Closed Door means that the only ones learning the concepts, methods and instruction, must be invited in by a master instructor....Even though the master instructor invites you in, you must then be voted on by a tribunal to actually stay in the program...

The exciting thing is that, with knowledge comes power, and when you can get your mind to fully operate at it's highest functioning level....Look out!

So the deal is this, I have created some additional MP3 files (or CDs if you order the hard copy versions) that go into an area that I get more questions and emails about than any other area....

How To Become a Controller

When I first talked about becoming a "Controller", some looked it as a negative...That was understandible, and believe me, I am the first to admit the term freaked me out when my instructor told me about it...

The reality though, is that most people are not looking to become a "Svengali" or "Hypnotic Freak Master", they are mearly trying to maximize the output from their own minds....

This concept is really the first layer of instruction, but in reality it is the hardest to gain mastery over....

That is the concept of SELF- IMPOWERMENT and CONTROL...

How can you control (or think you control ) others, when you are not even in control of your self?

Well, what I did was go back and delve even deeper into some of the most common areas that people are looking to get control over and I came up with the top three things people want to control....

Number #1: They want to lost weight and gain control over their bodies

Number #2: They want to quit smoking

Number #3 They want Performance for sports or other activities

And a very close 4th is that people want to be confident with the opposite sex, both in terms of meeting and establishing relationships as well as being a Superman or Woman in the bedroom...

And a very close 4th is that people want to be confident with the opposite sex, both in terms of meeting and establishing relationships as well as being a Superman or Woman in the bedroom...

So, what I have created that adds what everyone is looking for is.....

Closed Door Self Hypnosis:Total Control Files

These audio files go into each subject above and totally disect how to get you to remove or add the controlling factor for your life...

So, do you want to lose weight, stop smoking, better performance? It is all right here for you to plug right into the system of success to become a Controller...

Whenever you look at some type of Hypnosis or Hypnotic Influence course, the key ingredient is...YOU..

Are you willing to put in the neccesary "flight time" to get these techniques to work?

I break everything down so simple that you can learn these technigues on the fly...

Can you imagine the confidence and power you will have, once you gain control over your mind?

I have packed in more value to this program, and at a cost that will allow you to order this right now, because the timing is right, the price is right, and the system is in place...


When you order this today, you will receive my best selling "Manipulation" course, complete with Manual and over 6 hours of instruction... That's right, over 6 hours of instruction...This is the finest instruction you can receive on Hypnotic Influence and Covert Persuaion, and that is a fact....

With Manipulation, Here are Just Some of the Benefits You'll Receive.......

self hypnosisDiscover the concept of Hypnotic Distancing: Learn the six (6) covert influencing techniques to persuade at a distance, where time and space is not a limitation

self hypnosisLearn Mind Power Methods Used By The Master Mentalists: How to get into someone’s head and get them to verify that your suggestion is the right suggestion

self hypnosisAdapt "The Persona": Generate the bold and confident attitude of a “Master Persuader”

self hypnosisUnlock high velocity energy transmissions to get someone’s attention: Invoke someone to do what you want, when you want.

self hypnosisQuadruple Your Rapport Skills: Build Rapport with someone new like they were an old, long lost friend

self hypnosisBonding Tactics that work like magic: How to get people to Know You, Like You, and Trust you on the spot

self hypnosisHypnotize & Influence Instantly: Exactly what it says!! Instant induction methods! Put the trance on so fast, the person won't even know they're under your influence!!

self hypnosisClose to 70 Suggestive Sentences: These are some of the most powerfully suggestive predicates that all of the most successful hypnotists use to influence with control.Easily worth the cost of the entire program

self hypnosisStimulus Response Triggers and how to set them: Use this method to leave behind post hypnotic suggestions and triggers that will be a potent mechanism to recall the same state as when you originally hypnotized them.

self hypnosisLose Weight, Earn More Money, Find Love: When you are the controller, anything is possible

self hypnosisHarnessing Your Voice as a Propulsion System: How creating a commanding “Power Voice” will increase your ability to hypnotize exponentially

self hypnosisUse The Applied Transfixion Tactic: Five (5) super powerful ways to induce a trance like state within anyone at anytime

self hypnosisThe Dominance of Autosuggestion: The 7 key ways to put yourself into a trance to create an even stronger trance in others

self hypnosisApplied Force Techniques: Advanced language patterns designed specifically to persuade and influence in any area

self hypnosisInstantly have the power and confidence to know you are in control of a situation, Every time you use it....We call it "POWER MIND" (Advanced Concept)

self hypnosisHow to guarantee your skills will work under "real conditions"!
Subliminal Influence at the Highest Level:
Subliminal phrases that work so well you’ll think you are cheating

self hypnosisCreate your own techniques on the fly that will work every time)

self hypnosisInstantaneous Suggestibility: How to phrase things with a smoothness that generates instant suggestibility

self hypnosisInitiate a Conversation with presuppositions: Recognize why certain sentences presuppose an outcome that you design

self hypnosisGolden Key Method of Covert Persuasion: Using emotional language to get people to want what your offering

self hypnosisMental Re-focusing Techniques: The one technique that ties someone’s mind up so that you can gently place a command right in

self hypnosisAnd SO Much More...

I've always believed in giving maximum value to my customers, subscribers and clients. By packaging the products together, I allow you to get the best value for your dollar.....

Knowledge is power, so why not plug into the power?

The Full & Complete Manipulation Course
($147 Value)

The Master Secrets on CD or MP3

(5) CDs (close to 6 hours of content): These Hypnosis CDs are truly remarkable in that you will learn concepts that will allow you to powerfully and with complete control, direct your life and those around you much better. Here is what you will learn.

 CD #1: Intro & The Energy of Covert Influence/The Attitude of a Controller

  • Maximum Energy and Intent
  • Truly Covert Persuasion Techniques
  • The Formula for Remote Influence
  • Creating Potent Personal Triggers
  • Using Soft Eyes and The Power of Your Gaze
  • The Mindset of the Controller
  • The Belief Factor of a Controller
  • Mental Focus
  • Breath Control

CD #2: Creating a Strong Connection/Motives/Strength of Concentration

  • Keys to Building a Deep Level of Bonding and Rapport
  • Understanding Personality Types
  • The Power Voice & Soft Eyest
  • Modeling Secrets to Take Your Skills to the Next Level
  • Strength of Concentration and Getting into Trance
  • Trance Mechanisms
  • Self- Hypnosis
  • Autosuggestion Secrets

CD #3: Trance Induction/Subliminal Directives/Potent Word Structures

  • Sample Trance Induction for Self Hypnosis
  • Subliminal Suggestions and Directives
  • How to Maximize Hypnotic Commands
  • Why Subliminal Commands Work so Well
  • Setting Up The Command
  • Marking Off The Subliminal Suggestion
  • Why Certain Word Structures Create Trance States
  • The Art of Vagueness
  • The Potency of  Presuppositions
  • 3rd Party Quotes
  • Words Tell, Stories Sell

CD #4: Highly Powerful Suggestion Strategies

  • Using Suggestive Predicates
  • Combining Everything  Together for Maximum Effect
  • Over 60 Different Structures

CD #5: Stimulus Response Triggers/Quick Reference Guide and Review

  • How to set and recreate Stimulus Response Triggers
  • How a business card can be a trigger
  • Using music as a trigger
  • Potent physical triggers that you can set instantly
  • Total review of all concepts covered in the course plus advanced concepts as added bonus

Regular Price - $147 for Hard Copy & $97 for Electronic Version



Ultimate Hypnotic Influence

You will also receive my Ultimate Hypnotic Influence Course, which breaks down the 9 most powerful skills that Master Hypnotists and Controllers use everyday...

You will learn...


rapid hypnosis  The Central Rule of Mental Power: Once you gain control of your mind, everything else is down hill.

rapid hypnosis  A true understanding of how the mind works: Get total control of your mind....Then the Mind of others!

rapid hypnosis  Eliminate Fear & Doubt: Establish the confidence you need for every are of your life

rapid hypnosis  Subconscious non-verbal communication: Super sneaky methods to get your persuasiveness across

rapid hypnosis  Speaking face to face and mind to mind: This "Closed Door" method will allow you to influence with a "double barreled" effect

rapid hypnosis  Bombard the consciousness with commands and impressions: Like a missile you will target the subconscious mind of others with definitive power

rapid hypnosis  Creating an magnetic attraction mechanism: Attract others to do your bidding

rapid hypnosis  How to put someone in a trance: Learn how to do it, why it works, and how effective it can be.

rapid hypnosis Discover How To Do Quick Trances: This same technique is used by master hypnotists all the time, and will work for you to.

rapid hypnosis  How to train with the skills of the professional influencer: Train like a hypnotist and controller. Unlock the concepts that separate the men from the boys (or women from the girls)

rapid hypnosis  Post Hypnotic Suggestions: How to set these magical triggers to continue to persuade and influence long after you are gone.

rapid hypnosis  Power of the voice: This one concept is worth the entire cost of the course. Masters use it. Others don't. We'll show you how the voice really works during hypnosis and trance.

rapid hypnosis  Put yourself into trances easily and effectively: Once you can put yourself into trance, putting others into one, will be a cinch.

rapid hypnosis  Using Auto-Suggestion to pre-rehearse success in your life: Find out the correct way to use Auto-Suggestion. These small, but often time misunderstood tactics, work like a charm.

rapid hypnosis  Break Bad Habits Through Self HypnosisQuit smoking, lose weight, better performance. Now you'll have the keys to your kingdom

rapid hypnosis  And Much, Much, More.......

Ultimate Hypnotic Influence
 ($147 Value)

Module #1- Intro to Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence & Entering the back door of the mind through the front door.

Learn what this course is and isn't.....Begin to see the clear path of how these skills can potentially enrich your life tremendously. 

  • Subconscious non-verbal communication
  • Setting up influence at a distance with many different impressions
  • Speaking face to face and mind to mind

Module #2- The Science of Subliminal Directives

  • The power of the command
  • Commands are like missiles 
  •  Bombard the consciousness with commands and impressions

Module #3- Ice Breaker Hypnotic Attraction Strategies

  • Sending powerful attracting energy
  • Creating a magnetic attraction mechanism
  • Standard Rapport methods and some unique ones

Module #4-Rapid Fire Trance Strategies

  • How to put someone in a trance
  • Fast trances
  • Deepening the trance

Module #5- Daily Skill Training Tool Box

  • How to train with the skills of the professional influencer
  • This one CD, takes all the skills and wraps them up into your daily workout

Module #6- Triggers, Hooks and PHS (post hypnotic suggestions)

  • Plant the seed, reap the benefits
  • Different methods of placing the trigger

Module #7- Tonality, Attitude, Voice Power, Eye Power, Transmitters

  • Power of the voice
  • Tonal quality
  • Soft Eyes
  • Transmitting energy

Module #8- Mental Power Strategies & Autosuggestion/Self Hypnosis  

  • Put yourself into trances easily and effectively
  • Using Auto-Suggestion to pre-rehearse success in your life
  • Using Self Hypnosis to limit any undesirable habit in your life (Smoking, drugs, lose weight, better performance, etc)
  • A truly powerful confidence method that truly works

Regular Price - $147 for Hard Copy & $97 for Electronic Version


Self Hypnosis Total Control Files

Closed Door Self-Hypnosis Total Control Files
($47 Value)

Closed Door Self Hypnosis- Total Control Files

#1- Losing weight, controlling your body and eating habits like magic.

#2- Quit Bad Habits (Smoking, other indulgences)

#3- Perfomance Enhancement-Gain control when you need it. All the time, every time.

#4- How To Have Confidence in Meeting Someone of The Opposite Sex.

This includes over an hour of MP3 Files and several documents in PDF format.

Regular Price - $49


12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize
($27 Value)

This unique booklet & CD describes the power of your gaze and how you can increase it with the naturally effective devices included. Like many products that we have either created or endorsed, this one contains manyinsights that are truly remarkable and worthwhile to learn.

hypnotizehypnotize cd

What you will learn with this fantastic booklet & CD.

  • Developing the intensity of your gaze

  • Mental Preparations for Hypnotism

  • Practice Autosuggestion

  • Build up your energy

  • How to Hypnotize easily

  • Reinforce the effect through suggestion

  • Utilize the "mirror" effect

  • Devices for developing a potent gaze

  • Using your hands as transmitters

This booklet & CD contains some of the most amazingly powerful devices used for energy and hypnotic development and will allow you to easily increase your persuasion and influencing ability.

In fact, the information in this booklet is so obscure that you won't find it anywhere else because it is not readily known and is one of the "Master Secrets" of Hypnotism.

And now it is yours absolutely FREE when you buy our course now.

And much more high powered information than you can shake a stick at!

Once you order this information, you will agree that the bonuses alone are worth the entire cost of this mind boggling package of "closed door" Hypnotic Influence information.



Mind Force Hypnosis Closed Door Hypnosis Files Book
($27 Value)

Hetero Hypnosis

Closed Door Self Hypnosis Files

The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize Instant

Access PDF: Yes
Shipped: Yes

Hidden Hypnosis Books

Hypnosis Secrets Revealed

This 70+ page instructional manual will lead you through some of the most mental enhancing & hypnotic techniques. A unique perspective of subliminal and hypnotic patterns will give you an added arsenal to hypnotically persuade and control with more power than ever...


*$27 Value if purchased seperately

Instant Access PDF: Yes

Mind Force Secrets- Master System Manual

( $47 Value)

Includes (3) Complete Books

Mind Force Meditation- Mind Portal

Mind Force Attraction- Magneto Method

Mind Force Psychic Energy- Internal Power Centers




Rapid Fire Hypnosis
($47 Value)

This 80 minute CD/MP3 Files contains secrets that you might not find on programs that cost hundreds of dollars (like my other programs do).....

Now you can have an opportunity to get this program for FREE when you order The Closed Door Hypnosis Files Today

If you really want to know how to hypnotically influence with control and authority, this is the CD for you!

This 80 minute CD breaks down the strategies & techniques of the professional influencer and will allow you to effectively get these concepts to work for you. In order to persuade with power you need potent technologies that are not readily taught in most courses.

I take the time to explain the tactics and methods that will enable you to reach the next level of proficiency with these wonderful skills. As a matter of fact, the more you study these advanced principles and concepts the more your skill will rise to an even higher level.

What's the difference between an NBA Player and a 7th Grade Basketball player?

Do they do things that are that different?

The answer is that the "skill sets" are the same, but the way that they are used is the difference. An NBA Basketball Player is a master at his game....Now you can be a master of this game...The game of being able to hypnotically influence people like a pro!

Here are some of the potent procedures that you will learn:

rapid hypnosis The skills of the professional influencer

rapid hypnosis The power of your intent as a controller

rapid hypnosis Totally covert persuasion through mind to mind communication

rapid hypnosis How to get yourself and others into trance faster and more effectively

rapid hypnosis Learn intricacies of the power of the voice

rapid hypnosis Hypnotic protocol and how to use it effectively

rapid hypnosis Using the Hands as transmitters as an added hypnotic mechanism

rapid hypnosis Increasing your strength of gaze

rapid hypnosis Advanced discussion of subliminal commands and suggestions

rapid hypnosis An advanced induction to increase your hypnotic skills

 This Audio really packs a punch....It has all of the most cutting edge information that you need in order to influence with more power and preciseness.




"Super" Bonus Item

****Special Limited Time Offer****

Mind Force Syndicate Membership 60 Day Trial

($60 Value)

When You Get My The Closed Door Hypnosis Files Offer You Will Receive 8 Weeks/ 60 Days Access to my New Mind Force SyndicateThis Is One Of My Most Ambitious Projects To Date

My Most Successful Members Asked Me To Create This Magnificent Addition... Here's What You'll Receive Every Month...

Mind Force Sydicate Membership Portal

($60 Value)

When you take advantage of this offer, I am going to give you 8 Weeks/ 60 days Access to my New Mind Force Syndicate Membership Area to try out...

Once inside the Members area, you will have access to:

Videos of Advanced, Concepts & Methods for Mind Force Development

MP3 Files and Audio Files for you to download directly to your IPod or CD.

PDF Documents and Transcripts of the Monthly training sessions.

The unique thing about this membership site, is that you, the member will make suggestions on which topics I teach on a monthly basis.

All you have to do is email me your questions, and I'll either answer them by video, audio or during a conference call.

Its that powerful, and that easy!

Since this is in beta, and not yet fully working and testing is needed, I am allowing you 60 day access to this membership and then you lock in for life as a charter member for only $29.95 per month starting in 60 days. (This Membership Price Will Be Going Up to $49.95 very shortly)

In this membership, you will have access to Advanced Mind Power Training. You will receice videos, MP3 files you can download as well as PDF docs which will go over how you can harness the power of your mind through Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Psychic Energy and Attraction. Truly a Mind Blowing Offer, and I'm adding 60 Days for you to try for FREE!

Others will pay as much as $97 each month to get access to this when it is out of beta but you will be locked in for life at the low price of just $29.95 for your membership, and you will get this months access for free. I am giving you practically a huge 75% discount for life on this as long as you choose to keep learning from this community.You can cancel at anytime by contacting our office.

You Pay Nothing Extra Today! & You Pay Nothing For 60 days!

This FREE trial can and might be removed at any time, so know that you are among the first to learn this dynamic information...

The "Syndicate" runs for 12 months, and contains the most up to date and cutting edge information on Mind Force Hypnosis, Attraction, Meditation and Psychic Power....

Once you complete the 12 months, you will be eligible to become a member or the International Society of Mind Force Practitioners (once certification qualifications are met).

If you wish to cancel, just contact our support staff here before the 2 weeks is up and we will cancel your boot camp immediately..

You Pay Nothing Extra Today! After the 60 day/ 8 week trial, you'll be billed $29.95 per month. If you don't wish to continue, simply contact our support desk at the link below to cancel.

Velocity Group Support Desk

For my live events teaching this very same material, I charge $1,497 per person...


Order Today and begin the process......



Email Mentoring :


Mentoring Session

This super limited time bonus will give you access to me as your coach or mentor. You'll receive email access to answer any questions you have about these instructional manuals as well as any specific questions you have on how to get these techniques to work for you...

I charge $200/hour when I consult, so you are getting an excellent value just for purchasing these manuals.

I can pull this option at any time due to my time and availability. If you want to have access to me to help you to get this to work, than take advantage of this offer immediately...



*$70 Value if purchased seperately


Warning:  Do not Buy This Hypnosis Course, unless You Really Need to Become a More Powerful Controller...

You will get more skills, more value, more everything from this than any other program currentlyu on the market...

Compare this to what else is on the market and you will come to the conclusion that this is exactly what you've been looking for at a price and value that can't be beat....

Order Today and begin the process...... Just Look What You'll Get..

Let's Recap Everything You Get

Manipulation System (Including Manuals)


Ultimate Hypnotic Influence


Closed Door Self Hypnosis Total Control Files


Rapid Fire Hypnosis


Bonus Manipulation Video


Bonus Manipulation Audio File


12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize


Hetero Hypnosis


Mind Force Self Hypnosis


Bonus Hetero Hypnosis Video


Bonus Self Hypnosis Video


Bonus Self Hypnosis Audio File


Bonus Hetero Hypnosis Audio File


Bonus Hypnosis Secrets Revealed Manual


Bonus 20 Minute Mentoring Session


FREE 60 Days Access to "The Mind Force Syndicate"


Total Value


I've sold this product in the past for $300, and it sold like hot cakes...Make the decision to change your life today!

You Save $520!

Have you ever heard of the word "no brainer"? Well my friend this is one...

You get all of my Systems,Hypnosis books which provide close to 300 pages of cutting edge information, plus the bonus video and audio file which includes other information for you...

My advice...Take this while the price is at this super low level... I could raise the price at any time. (In fact many of my clients have said I'm not charging enough for the amount of high quality information.

"Mind Force Closed Door Hypnosis: You Are About to Learn The Ways To Become a Controller"

In less than 5 minutes, you can have complete access to the famous The Closed Door Hypnosis Files Manual & all of the Bonus books...

Was $300 , Now Only...


(electronic version)

or Get The Hard Copies...

$197 +S&H

Grab Your Risk-Free Copy Of The Closed Door Hypnosis Files Today!

Why Would I Give Close to $700
Worth of Products & Value For Only $147?

Let's be frank, you would be just plain stupid to miss this offer. It's like getting $10 tickets to the Super Bowl. The reason I'm making this offer is to show you the value of what I have to offer, and know that when you need more comprehensive and Advanced material, you'll come to me...Smart eh?

Remember "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" is
NOT sold in any store

This information is far too rare and valuable to be carried by any retail store. "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" is ONLY available direct from me here on this website.  We donít want this info in the public, that is the entire point. Thatís what gives us and our customers such an unfair advantage over our competitors.

I Guarantee Your Success Or I Will Refund All of Your Money-> No Questions Asked!


This Product Is Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back!

I am so sure of your success with this program I guarantee it 3 times in 3 different ways.

Guarantee #1 If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" even I you donít like the color of the cover or the roughness of my voice on the recordings just send me a personal email at the end of 60 Days for a full, prompt refund and I will insist you keep all my bonus gifts for you FREE just for giving "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" an honest evaluation. Fair enough? Thereís moreÖ

Guarantee #2 Simply implement just ONE of the strategies inside "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files"  and If you donít receive at least TEN TIMES your investment in the course I will personally work with you one-on-one until we reach this goal together. If for some reason I fail (and I wonít) I will gladly reach into my own pocket and buy "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" back from you for $47.

Guarantee #3 Implement ALL the strategies inside "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files"  if you donít see an improvement in your ability to do these techniques, I'll will extend to you 14 days of my Hypnotic Infuence Boot Camp FREE of charge.


A Limited Number of The Closed Door Hypnosis Files Be Released In This Promotion Period

(Then The Price Could Go Back Up to $300)

This Is a True Limited Time Offer

I only plan to offer "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" to a small group at the insanely low $147 price point . Why, because my real goal here is not to make money, itís to make connections.

Can You Keep These Secrets
"Just Between Us"

         Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement

Because of the rarity and value of the information inside "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" and because of the benefits and unfair advantage that it gives to my few clients that have it.  I must insist that you agree to full confidentiality and non-disclosure or the information. This is NOT negotiable and you cannot access "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" at any price without agreeing to this one condition.

YES, I agree to not share any of the proprietary information from "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" with anyone other than my employees or immediate family members. I realize that this is sensitive information and a big part of what makes it work is itís limited availability. I promise to keep your secrets. Please let me in.


Claim Your Copy of "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files"
Right Now for Just...

$300 $147

YES A.Thomas, I want in! Please let me. I want "The Closed Door Hypnosis Files" Please Give me INSTANT access to this awesome treasure trove of knowledge right now.

IMPORTANT: You must check each box below to be eligible to participate in this special Manipulation Offer

I promise to Listen to the MP3 Files and read the written material at least 2 times so that the information becomes ingrained in my brain...

I promise to take careful notes so I can start the process getting these techniques to work for me.

I promise that I will not order this information for the sole purpose of copying the information and sending it back for a refund, and understand that any such "suspicious" orders will be screened for possible fraud. This is to protect me and ensure my peace of mind.

I understand that upon accepting this form, and placing an investment, I will have immediate access to the all the books and mp3 files. I also understand that I will commit time to learning and applying said techniques.

I agree that this is the biggest "no brainer".. A low investment for great returns. I also understand that this special $147 price might be going back to $300 , and that by signing up now, I can take advantage of this price.

I have a full 60 days to test drive this fully packed, explosive information and know that if I don't receive the value I though I would, that I can simply return it for a full refund...Click Here for more information

"Hypnotize With Power: You Are About to Become a Total Controller-Can You Feel The Power, Yet?"

I understand I'll get...

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  to: The entire Manipulation System

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  The entire UHI System

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  The Complete Self Hypnosis System

  •  INSTANT ACCESS  The Complete Audio Bonuses

     INSTANT ACCESS  60 Days Access to the Syndicate

  •   INSTANT ACCESS   All Bonuses

  • Plus Tons More

PLUS: You get upgrades for life, anytime I decide to add a video, audio file or manuscript at no additional charge ($147 future value).

Your entire package is waiting for you to claim it. Just $147 gets you instant digital access so you can start attracting your desires today

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange button below.

Claim Your Copy Today, You'll Be Glad You Did!

Whe you order these books today, you'll be getting training that will cost others hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Option #1- Hard Copy Version of Closed Door Hypnosis Files

Save $200, When You Order This System (Each product separatley would be close to $400)

(Includes Electronic & Hard Copy Versions & All Bonuses)

$400 $197 +S&H

(Hard Copy Edition-Shipped to Your Door & Immediate Electronic Download)

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I understand everything about the course as described above and Iím ready to reserve my copy TODAY for the system immediately. I also understand and agree to all other Terms and Conditions detailed on this page. By clicking the submit button below I acknowledge that I understand I'm being enrolled in a 60 day trial of The Mind Force Syndicate and after expiration of the 60 day trial period I will be charged $29.95 per month (regularly $49) per month until I cancel the service.

$147 for Electronic Version which includes, books, mp3 files & bonus video and 60 days FREE Access To The Syndicate



"Mind Force Training: You Are About to Become a Total Controller-Can You Feel The Power, Yet?"

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